Artfume the island by Peter de Cupere

Artfumes are artistic scent compositions that are developed by olfactory artist Peter de Cupere.  He created them for his olfactory works of art. These scent compositions are therefore always characterized by a specific context and/or realized exhibition.

The scent compositions have a high aesthetic odor quality. It is therefore not surprising that they are considered as a full-fledged perfume*.

The demand from several art lovers to market them as perfumes did not stop. They are impressed by the fragrance quality and originality. Several times the question was whether they are also available as a perfume.

The perfumes offered on this website are in other words scent compositions that were developed for a work of art, nevertheless can also be seen as a full-fledged perfume due to their olfactory aesthetic qualities.

Artfume island by Peter de Cupere a01The Artfumes are always realized on a small edition. If there is more demand for certain artfumes, extra editions will be made. So It might be that there are sometimes no Artfumes available for a certain period. 

*Except the Airfumes that are also seen as Artfumes. They exist not in a liquid form due to the scented air concept of it.