Artfume Isola Comacine by Peter de Cupere 7

Launch price 90 euro for the first 50 bottles instead of 110 euro. 

Limited perfume batch of 120 bottles!


The island is naturally present in Peter de Cupere's oeuvre, both in a sensory and an immaterial dimension. He is internationally renowned for an approach that uses the sense of smell and interpairs as an essential tool for a subjective inclusion of the world and of social, scientific or complex realities.

The Artfume Isola Comacina is reference to the composed olfactory portraits of the island Comacina, who are related to the concept of the insularity and the island being. The Perfume was formulated during a three-week residence on the island in 2011.

The original work of art the perfume is presented in the form of boxes in which artworks are transported and perforated in the middle. These perforations spread throughout the duration of the exhibition the specific perfume that has been composed by the artist.

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